Give employees games to play, to make them better at work!

Anu K Das

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How Gamification Improves Employee Productivity

In this era of work from home and social distancing, don’t you think our employees are less connected with each other and socially inept? Well, we can’t do anything about physical distancing for now, but definitely something about bringing our employees together to “PLAY”!!

Games are our employees’ guilty pleasure at work. Could we make them play at work hours to take the guilt apart and enhance productivity? Gamification serves the purpose!

The term “Gamification “is bringing in the fun elements of game into their routine work. It uses positive reinforcement to motivate our employees to do their daily tasks. Rewarding the best employee at the end of the month or year-end appraisal is so outdated. What motivates them is instant rewarding for their daily tasks.

Gamifying everyday tasks or problems helps to engage our team and motivate them to do well and stay connected. This gives them a heightened sense of purpose in the company and have a clearer idea of their progress or achievements.  What they get as the outcome is what they crave the most; a sense of personal achievement and what you get in return is improved productivity and employee engagement on daily basis without having to nose around.


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