December 8, 2017

Experience  Store concept, through this immersive virtual reality experience. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination with physical environments or props, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment .Virtual Reality has transformed into one of the greatest technical innovations of this era. However, this technology comes with a hefty price tag not affordable by all. Only a select few technology giants can afford the cost of content generation using VR. In this demo we demonstrate VR Store concept of Dell Company.

VR Store means consumers will be able to just put on the virtual goggles and do all those things they would normally do in the real stores, such as interact with store room, interact with store products and walk around – all this from their living room

At TILTSTUDIO, we offer high quality content creation and game development services using Virtual Reality technologies at a reasonable cost.

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